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  • Careprost (generic Latisse)

Careprost (generic Latisse)

Buy Careprost generic for Latisse. Prices shown are per 3 ML bottle of Careprost. 

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Product: Careprost (generic Latisse)

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Generic Name: bimatoprost .03%
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Brand: Sun Pharma
Packaging: 3 ml Bottle

Availability: In Stock

1-3 Bottles $32.00
4-6 Bottles $27.00
7+ Bottles $25.00
Looking to buy Latisse generic online? Looking to buy bimatoprost quality generic Latisse option? Concerned about Latisse cost? You've found the right place!

Careprost is approved for women to help grow eyelashes thicker and stronger. Careprost is Bimatoprost .03% in a 3 ml bottle. Generic Latisse price is 1/4 that of name brand option.

Careprost (Latisse generic) is available for immediate purchase. Order Latisse Lumigan Bimatoprost now with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. specializes in the lowest priced and best sources of Careprost Bimatoprost.

Looking for generic Latisse applicator brushes? We've got you covered there as well. We offer quality cosmetic and bimatoprost applicator brushes to ensure you apply your Careprost correctly to ensure proper eyelash treatment.

Did you know that studies are underway to treat male pattern baldness with Latisse aka Bimatoprost? That's right, Bimatoprost (generic Latisse) or Careprost has been shown to actually grow hair on the scalps of men who suffer from alopecia. It is likely a new product will be launched soon for bimatoprost or generic latisse as a hair loss treatment. In the mean time, many men are borrowing the Latisse from their lady friend or wife and using on their scalps to promote hair growth.

Careprost Eye Drops (Bimatoprost) are used to treat treat hypotrichosis (short eylashes). Eyelashes increase in length, thickness and color as a result of Careprost application. Careprost or generic Latisse may also be used to reduce intraocular pressure in patients suffering with glaucoma. By alleviating the pressure the risks of blindness associated with this condition are significantly reduced.

Caution: To prevent eye infections, do not touch the eye dropper or allow it to touch any other objects. Use one applicator per day per eye to safely avoid the risk of eye infection. Dispose the applicator and use clean applicator at each new treatment.

Do not drive or use heavy machinery until you are fully aware of how Careprost Eye Drops (Bimatoprost) affects your eyesight after use. This drug may cause temporarily impaired vision.

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