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Product Packaging: 28 tablet pack

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Xarelto is classified as an anti-thrombotic drug. The body’s way of stopping bleeding is by forming blod clots when there is injury to tissue. Certain chemicals in the body are activated when a tissue injury occurs. This process causes the formation of the enzyme thrombin in the blood stream. Thrombin works by activating a protein already found in the blood which is called fibrinogen. Fibrinogen is then converted to another protein named fibrin. Blood cells or platelets are bound together by fibrin which forms a blood clot. For example, when you cut your finger, it bleeds for a short time but then the blood coagulates which provides a seal that causes the bleeding to stop. This is the body’s natural way of preventing serious blood loss and healing injury.

Sometimes however, blood clots can form in areas of the body that can cause dangerous health risks. When blood clots within veins or within arteries in the brain, heart, lungs, and other limbs, serious consequences may result from the blockage of blood flow to these vital areas. These dangers include strokes, paralysis, and even death.

Xarelto is a preventative drug that minimizes blood clots by binding to a substance called factor Xa in the blood. This binding inhibits the formation of the enzyme thrombin. Without thrombin present in the blood, fibrinogen then cannot be converted into fibrin and not allowing for blood clotting.

You must consult with your prescribing physician before taking Xarelto. .

Do not take Xarelto if:

●       you have an allergy to rivaroxaban;

●       you have an artificial heart valve;

●       you have uncontrolled or active bleeding.

Go to Xarelto.com for complete drug information and warnings.

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